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With years of practices and experiences in the infrastructure sector, we developed a few systems for a few specific industrials,

Infolinx-BM  -  Building management/automation system

Infolinx-CS   -  Air-con chiller sequencing system

Infolinx-GS   -  Genset master sequencing system

Infolinx-PR   -  Power rental system

Infolinx was introduced in 1998.  It first hit the market with its unique genset master sequencing concept.  With users' recognition, it was subsequently implemented into building management and air-con chiller sequencing.  Growing with times and new technologies, these systems are still improving with features to meet new requirments.

darleecompsys  OI

Operator Interface (OI) is widely used in modern industrials.  We offer darleecompsys OI (5.7" and above) with touch that comes with custom service to your needs.  Some models are even cloud enabled.  

darleecompsys  Protocol Module

Our iProm is a compact host-based, standalone controller designed to serve as a data collection terminal from field devices.  With the capability of interfacing through a list of open protocols, a wide range of communication equipment can be incorporated into a single embedded system.  


Programming Service

We are highly specialized in writing PLC programs using ladder logic, function block diagrams, structured text and instructional lists.

Our team offers vast experience in all aspect of control design and implementation.  We are familiar in PLC programming for major US, European and Japanese brands like Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Idec, National etc.  We are also experienced in SIL2 programming for critical applications.

Graphical user interface (GUI) is a good mean of data exchange for control logic.  Our HMI development capabilities allow us to provide our clients with a wide range of human-to-machine interface products that make controlling of their applications more efficient.  We are knowledgeable with major brands like PanelView, MultiPanel, Magelis, QuickPanel, PanelBuilder, Proface, Monitouch, etc.

We also develop SCADA applications.  We design and establish the network backbone for workstations, GUI for operators and database for management.  We integrate them seamlessly to provide sophisticated information technology for users.

Other Services

Our other services are:

- new chiller sequencing control system design and advice

- existing chiller control system modification

- existing BMS replacement and advice

- exisiting BMS maintenance

- enhancement on existing HVAC system to achieve GreenMark

- existing PLC system trouble-shooting

- low level to high level protocol interface consultancy

- driver development for priopertary communication protocol

- design and planning for moving towards IoT

- consultancy and implementation of cybersecurity

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